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Learn about what's new at the Sanon Training Restaurant.

The Sanon team would like to thank George Win for taking the time to share his Barista expertise with the Sanon students.

On the April 23rdGeorge Win (Senior Lecturer Hospitality) from Manukau Institute of Technology (Auckland NZ) volunteered his time to deliver a Barista workshop for all the Sanon students.

The students were introduced to both the theory and hands-on practical elements of making coffee. The student’s explored topics such as the history of coffee, and understanding grinding, dosing, tamping and how they relate to getting the perfect extraction. The students then developed their skills in milk frothing, Latte art, and preparing espresso beverages. George also covered some of the English language students will need, so as to be able to communicate effectively with our customers.

We eagerly look forward to his next visit in July.

Barista Workshop

Barista Workshop

Barista Workshop

Barista Workshop

Barista Workshop

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