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Changing Young People's Lives

Information for Volunteers

Are you interested in volunteering at Sanon? We are especially interested in those people would would like to help our students improve their English language skills. If you would like to volunteer your services you can contact our Project Manager to discuss your options.

Project Leader
Lim (Tint Lwin Oo)
+95 (0) 9252577745

Volunteers working with Sanon students

Before you contact us please read the following important information.

Some Important Rules


Safety of students, staff, volunteers and customers is our biggest concern and a shared responsibility.

Child and Youth Protection 

All volunteers and staff are required to provide a working with children and international police check. They must also read and sign Sanon’s Student Protection Policy agreement before they start any volunteering.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas.It is a serious offence for any staff member or volunteer to be found under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at work.

Personal Beliefs 

Sanon is a nondenominational, nonpolitical, nonsecular organization. Whilst Sanon respects your personal beliefs, we need to ensure that all Sanon environments are free from any forms of discrimination, including, but not limited to, religion, politics, ageism and sexism. This enables all staff, trainees, alumni and volunteers to make a fully engaged contribution at Sanon. We ask that you respect the value of each person’s diverse cultural, political and religious preferences and refrain from any religious or political coercion or discrimination.

Sanon Dress code

Sanon regards high standards of dress and grooming as this is important to the Sanon image and considerate for relationships between staff, students and volunteers. 

In particular, volunteers from foreign countries should dress modestly and appropriately for a business environment and respect the standards of dress worn by Mynamar people generally. Wearing the local longyi is encouraged for women and a Sanon t-shirt can be purchased for both men and women. Hair should be clean, neat and tidy.

A few things about Myanmar culture

  • It is rare to use a Western-style handshake.

  • If you smile to a Myanmar person they will most likely smile back.

  • Saying Mingalabar is a great icebreaker/greeting.

  • Keep in mind that the Myanmar may smile and say yes to hide any uncertainty or discomfort – even if they don’t understand what you are saying. 

  • When passing something to another person, always use your right hand and place your left hand under your elbow.

  • Avoid physical contact with another person as much as possible, especially with members of the opposite sex. 

  • Whistling to get someone’s attention is considered rude.

  • Never point with your feet to another person especially a monk or a nun.

  • Don’t ever touch someone else’s head.

  • For any religious event both men and women should cover their shoulders and wear long skirts/pants to their ankles.

  • Take your shoes off when entering a religious site or somebody’s home. Be aware of what others are doing and just follow.

  • If you visit a home and offered refreshments it is courteous to take a little of what is offered.

  • Age is respected and you should never sit at a higher level than an older person or a monk or a nun.

  • Do not take a photo at a funeral and it is always best to ask first before taking photos of anyone.

Our Location

Pyu Saw Hti Street
next to Nyaung U Thante Hotel
Bagan, Myanmar

Open Hours

We are currently closed to the Public

However we continue to operate our student training program 

Got an Inquiry or Question?

Phone: +95 9 45195 1950

Email:  contacts@sanon-restaurant.org

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