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Our Training Program

Changing Young People's Lives

Sanon's 12-month training program provides our students with: 

  • Hospitality Training
  • Work Experience
  • Life Skills
  • English Skills
  • Uniforms
  • Accommodation and Meals

The Sanon Training Restaurant is a practical, safe, creative, energetic and fun learning environment. Our core strategic goal is that all of our students gain skills of an ASEAN standard and obtain employment in the hospitality and tourism industry upon completing our course.

English Lessons

Five things to know about Our Training Program

  1. Our intake is up to 30 students
  2. Students are not charged for training
  3. Students are provided with accommodation and meals and all tips from customers
  4. Graduates will be found full-time employment after successfully completing their 12 months training program
  5. A social worker will support their transition into working life at Sanon and for their first 2 years of employment post graduation

Overview of the Training Program

The Training program consists of two vocational subject areas, 'Front of House' and Beverage Services and Kitchen, OHS and Food Safety. During the first three months of their training, each student learns the basics of both subject areas. After their initial three months, each student chooses one of the subject areas to specialize and undertake advanced training.

For more information about the subject areas see:

Front of House and Beverage Services

Kitchen, OHS and Food Safety

Students gain valuable work experience by regular participation in the operation of the Restaurant. Each student also participates in a two-week work placement with another hospitality and tourism organization.

Students also participate in regular English lessons which we regard as a very important component of their skills training and personal development.

To broaden their overall life experience students also participate in at least one major excursion as a group. The destination varies each year and will be at a location or place that none of the students have visited or experienced. 

See also: 

Front of House and Beverage Services

Kitchen, OHS and Food Safety

English Lessons

Our Location

Pyu Saw Hti Street
next to Nyaung U Thante Hotel
Bagan, Myanmar

Open Hours

We are currently closed to the Public

However we continue to operate our student training program 

Got an Inquiry or Question?

Phone: +95 9 45195 1950

Email:  contacts@sanon-restaurant.org

Sanon is a member of:

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