Promoting Sanon's social objectives with students, staff and the local community,

Sanon Community Day – Tuesday 3 April 2018

As part of Sanon’s engagement with the broader community of Nyaung U and Bagan its staff and students show their support of local community groups on a regular basis.  Activities around creating awareness of Sanon’s social objectives enrich the lives of both the staff and students whilst serving the community.


School children and Sanon students and staff

Project Leader Lim and English Teacher Margaret together with Staff and Students at Sanon visited a local monastery school in Bagan where Buddhist history and culture is taught to young school children.  The Sanon representatives listened to the children sing various songs which were combined with some dancing.  

Serving mango ice cream

Sanon staff served mango ice cream and biscuits which was enjoyed by all.  Afterwards the Sanon team sang and danced the Hokey Pokey which the children loved and then joined in.

Later in the day the team visited the Nagakyit Home for the Aged where we joined with the elderly citizens with afternoon tea and sang them songs.

Project Leader Lim on behalf of Sanon made a donation to the Home.  The Home relies solely on charity to fund its operations.